Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doctor Who

Wasn't Alex Kingston wonderful in "Silence in the Library"! And I love her name: Dr. River Song. It's great to see her having fun after all those years of grumpiness in ER.
I have to say that the last few Dr. Whos have been so much fun. And with actual tension and surprise. Part of the fun is the sparkle the girls have added. Like Georgia Moffett as the Doctor's daughter Jenny (episode "The Doctor's Daughter"). How much you want to bet she's another spin off? Initially, I was a little disappointed to find out Jenny was a genetic clone thing -- I was hoping some of the Doctor's relatives were finally going to start appearing. After all, the original Dr. Who had his granddaughter. That means he also had at least one daughter or son. And maybe a wife? And parents?

"Silence in the Library" had several enjoyable elements, like the way the brain waves remain for a short while in the transmitters. The little girl who turns out to be the security system for the library. The Doctor being so clueless to who River is and being so upset about it. For the first time in a long time, I actually wanted to know what was going to happen next. It certainly hit all my buttons. I hope the writer of the episode, Steven Moffat, writes a lot more! Great use of technology exploration -- true sci fi, if you know what I mean. Just one thing -- enough with the corporate villains!

I've also been impressed by the roster of stars that have been appearing this season. Not just Alex Kingston, but Felicity Kendal and Fenella Woolgar. Someone really appreciates girl power. Is Dr. Who becoming the next Midsomer Murders?

I hate to spread rumors, but I can't help myself. Seems David Tennant romances a lot of the women who appear in Dr. Who, including Georgia Moffett. Who would have thought he was such a real-life Casanova (of course he played Casanova in a pretty bad movie version -- I'm so tempted to write my own version because they've all stunk to high hell)! He does have a great sparkle in his eyes. I've been a fan since seeing him in He Knew He Was Right (he was superb in The Chatterley Affair). In fact, when I heard Christopher Eccleston was the new Doctor, I screamed, "You've got to be kidding! They should get David Tennant!" Well, strangely, I ended up liking Eccleston as the Doctor and not really enjoying Tennant because with Rose, the Doctor was just a giggling juvenile fool. I mean, if I'd been Queen Victoria, I'd have established an agency to eradicate David Tennant too. But without Rose, and with Donna, Tennant is much more watchable. Of course, he's leaving ...

I just hope Alex Kingston comes back again and again. Too bad Time Lords don't change gender. She'd be a fantastic Doctor.


Blackett said...

Hello, awesome overview of the series so far, althought I thought 'The Doctors Daughter' was one of the worst 45minutes commited to film :( But I hope when they bring Jenny back she gets a well deserved good story because I feel she deserves it. As for Alex Kingston she was amazing, cant wait to see more of her. I have reviews and the like of Doctor Who over at my blog (its only a small part of what we look at) I hope you dont mind me posting a link.

TV Kitty said...

Nope, I don't mind that you posted your link. After all, we bloggers have to scratch each other's backs! :) I, of course, immediately checked out your site. Wow. You guys write about everything! Wish I'd tripped on the site before.

As for "The Doctor's Daughter" -- I agree. The script was pretty bad (I also have to confess that at this point, I'd given up on this season), but I was so dazzled by Moffett that the script seemed to hardly matter. Shows you the power of actors! And I've always thought Doctor Who was about the performers and not about the stories. If I'd been the head of the BBC and all I had to go on were the scripts, even in the original series, I probably would have passed. Thank the gods I wasn't the head.

Anonymous said...

Forgive my Dr Who ignorance, but I have a question..why can't the Dr regenerate as a woman? Didn't Rose or Donna "see into the heart of the TARDIS" , eyes start glowing, mouth speaking in tongues, eyes ears seeing/hearing everything that ever was or will be? And then didn't the Dr have to suck the glowing whatever out, blah blah blah? So, what if something of whichever she it was got sucked into the Dr, or the TARDIS heart; only to SOMEHOW turn him into Dr Lady Who, later? Cheaptricks I know, but I'd put up with it to get a lady Dr... and it should somehow be Donna. Or not "Donna", but The actress who plays why not? Dumber stuff happens on Heroes and Lost. Love your blog - this is my 1st time finding and reading a blog of any kind. Found u thru Mom's Dead Upset web search. A person with a brain, you are. Keep writing, I'll keep reading your posts. Ajumma Fan

TV Kitty said...

Thanks, Ajumma Fan! I'm totally with you and have no idea why the Doctor can't be a man. Of course my theory is that Sarah Jane is the REAL Doctor now. I'm disappointed by the choice of their new Doctor but I will give him a chance to prove himself. David Morrissey would have been an interesting choice, but I'm glad that they didn't go that way. Too much like the Christopher Eccleston mode. I still vote for Alex Kingston.

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