Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite TV Couples

There have been some great TV couples throughout its relatively short history. Like Buffy and Spike (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). I loved the way they went from deadly enemies to "it's complicated". I loved the way Spike adored Buffy, even in the face of her absolute revulsion. OK. Sometimes he went a little too far. Like when he bought an android version of her. But he learned his lesson: a vapid version of Buffy isn't much of a turn on. And, hey, in the face of unrequited love, people get desperate. Even vampires, apparently. What I loved most was what happened in the last season, Spike being taken prisoner, tortured and taunted daily, and yet, never losing faith, never doubting that Buffy would come for him. And that moment when Buffy does finally rescue him ... ahhhh.... sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words ... in Spike's eyes, there are emotions that I don't think can ever be captured in words. I guess I'm too much in the school of Schopenhauer here.

While I loved Buffy and Spike, I think I might love 3rd Rock From the Sun's Don and Sally even more. They're so hot together, dancing the film noir, toying with the cop cliches, sexual tensions building and building until they erupt—sometimes in bizarre ways, like playing with the siren on Don's police car. I love the way Sally only sees the best in Don, making him feel like he's won the jackpot. I love the way Don can't believe a hot girl wants him, feeling a little sheepish because he's sure that somehow he's hoodwinked her and eventually, she's going to find him out. I love how tender his love is. I love the way he gets this nervous "okay, this is a little weird" look in his eyes when Sally acts totally alien, but decides, "hey, it's part of the package so I'm going to go with it". What more is there to love?

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