Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Night Lights Emmy Snub

So the Emmy nominations were announced and Friday Night Lights wasn't included.  Again.  For the fourth time in a row.  Mike Hale of the NYT writes, "In the drama category, meanwhile, a terrible crime was committed, for the fourth season in a row. That’s the span during which “Friday Night Lights” has been, over all, the best drama on television, and has not drawn a single nomination for the best-drama award. Apparently the stigma of being a show about the relatively ordinary lives of Texans obsessed with high school football is still too much to overcome."

FNL is an unbelievably well-written, well-directed, well-acted show.  In the way it moves, FNL is more like a literary novel, little moments like marital fights so realistic, so uncompromising, so beautiful.  It really is hard to believe FNL is a TV show at all.  And apparently, the people behind the Emmy nominations don't see it as one either.

So what is getting nominated?  Dexter, True Blood, Mad Men, etc.  So I guess for FNL to get nominated they should (1) move to HBO, (2) turn Coach Taylor into a serial killer, (3) have Julie fall in love with a teen vampire, (4) hire Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant.  Whatever you do, FNL, don't touch the writing!

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