Monday, January 31, 2011

Masterpiece Theatre

Let me just begin by saying I grew up on Masterpiece Theatre. Some Americans think I speak with a slight British accent, and if I do, it might possibly be because I watched so much Masterpiece Theatre. And I still watch Masterpiece Theatre, but I really don't understand what's going on behind the scenes. I mean, it's not even called Masterpiece Theatre anymore. Instead it's either Masterpiece Classic or Masterpiece Contemporary or Masterpiece Mystery or some such nonsense, depending on what kind of show they're airing.  And while they still do intros, they now have actors delivering information in the most snarky voice possible. What's with that? Do the producers think snarky means hip?  More intelligent? More in keeping with British television? More modern? Or do they secretly despise the very shows they're airing? Personally, I just don't find contempt a very nice prelude to a show like Downton Abbey.


Edittorrent said...

I do like the Alan Cummings intros, but those are the exception. Watched Downton Abbey with a friend last night, and we were both wondering why they chose Laura Linney for that. I like her just fine as an actress, but why her?


J.A. Pak said...

Theresa, I was wondering the same thing too. Maybe they should just get the ladies from The View. ;)