Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breaking In

I'm right in the middle of watching Breaking In and I am so excited because I finally have a TV show I can write about! I'd been watching promos on Fox for the last few weeks and I wasn't having high hopes, but wow! Great writing, great cast!

So the setup: college student Cameron (played by Bret Harrison) gets coerced into working for a shady security firm. He's surrounded by crazies, naturally. My favorite crazy is Cash. He's played by Alphonso McAuley and he's brilliant. Bonus point: Alphonso has great chemistry with Bret (Bret played Sam in Reaper—I loved that show). The best dialog of the night was between Cash and Cameron and it went something like this:

Cash: I'm going to have sex with this candy bar. Give me some sugar, baby.
Cameron (grimacing): That doesn't look consensual.

Wish I'd written that!

Bret also has great chemistry with Odette Annable, the girl who plays love interest Melanie. Surprising how many shows cast actors with no chemistry. Of course Melanie has a boyfriend, played by an outrageously funny Michael Rosenbaum (Lex in Smallville). I've always adored Michael Rosenbaum so I was surprised and thrilled to see him suddenly pop up.

Hope the show only gets better!

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